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Tweets with images receive 89% more engagement - is your creative team ready?

8 seconds - human attention span - can you capture customer attention in 8 seconds?

Automation increases sales by over 14% - do you have right tools in your AI toolkit?

About I8N Tech

We boost brand experiences with transformative digital solutions. We are committed to delivering timely and essential enhancements to our clients. We partner with you to generate state-of-art innovations by being abreast of the latest technological advancement. Real impact comes from being ahead of the curve and ensuring your business processes enrich consumer engagement. We make that happen with a robust team of professionals who provide you with the guidance and support while you take the leap.

Our Design & Development Process

We listen, understand and analyze your concerns. Keeping our client’s needs and budget in mind, we develop curated solutions that work for them.

Strategy & Roadmap

A detailed plan that includes the scope of work and timelines with desired outcomes

Visual & UX Design

Modern user experience to enhance consumer engagement and adoption 


Agile development with technical innovation and domain expertise

Launch & Monitor

Perform regular uptime, performance, security check alongside social media listening

What We Build For







Sports & Fitness

Real Estate & Brokerage

Supply Chain & Logistics

Events & Hospitality

Government & Education

Food & Beverages

What We Offer

I8N Tech possesses the expertise to develop complete digital solutions.Our team of ace software developers brings timely and scalable solutions for web or mobile applications

iOS & Android app Development

Your presence on the iOS with our SWIFT technology solutions. Get your service on the world’s most used mobile operating system

Roadmap & Strategy

No matter your business size, you’ll always need a plan to achieve growth. We create strategies after analyzing your needs

Website Development

We help you with aesthetics and enhancement of your web or mobile applications 

UI/Ux Design

From prototyping to brand-design, bringing the best user experience to you 

WorldClass Support

Customer support executives assist you with training, troubleshooting and/or maintenance issues 


Bring the most out of web browsers with our state of the art RESTful solutions

Industry 4.0

With the fourth industrial revolution, we believe in getting the best insights from data

Creatives and Writing

We help you with  content creation for your web or mobile applications that is SEO compliant


Customer can track how their applications are performing with timely reports and visual dashboards


8ty6 Digital Marketing



Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Branding Kits, Internet Marketing are all Buzzwords that mean nothing without a focus on Brand Identity. 8ty6 is the Preferred Partner for Brands who care about their Brand Appraisal and Digital Health. 8ty6 is a solutions partner to cater to the digital needs of your company. From managing your online presence to creating an efficient brand strategy, we will help you grow your digital outreach for a better conversion.

What Makes Us Different



We bring to the table not just technical proficiency but partner with domain experts to ensure that your solutions are ready for the market. These solutions are comprehensive and easily accessible by your end users across all platforms. We don’t just help build solutions but also help in marketing these.

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